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Brief descripton of our completed projects

Eden’s Children Village – Mhangura

In early 2012 the Solar Shack was contracted by Eden’s Children Village to setup up off grid solar solutions that were to be used within the village. Initially this started with the installation of solar hot water systems, solar water pumps, and off grid solar solutions for lighting and appliances. To date the Solar Shack has continued working on this village with the recent installation of off grid solutions for the newly constructed clinic at the children’s village. View Images...

For verification please contact Mr. Ian Fry - +263 779530586

Goldchip Investments

In 2013 the Solar Shack was contracted by Goldchip Investments to come up with offgrid solar solutions for the Goldchip Mine located in Kadoma Zimbabwe. The solutions installed were for basic off grid lighting for their staff houses along with area lighting at the mine. View Images...

For verification please contact Mr. H Jenkins +263 778945908

CESVI – Tokwe Mukosi Disaster Relief

In 2015 the Solar Shack was contracted to install off grid solutions at a rural clinic in an area that had been affected by floods. This project was funded by UN – OCHA in partnership with CESVI. We installed an off grid solution for a prefabricated clinic which powered lights, refridgeration and computers for the clinic.

Please contact CESVI Harare office for confirmation.


The Solar Shack has over the past 2 years been contracted by Cesvi to provide solar backup for St. Alberts Mission Hospital. These systems have been installed to power the maternity, female & male wards of the hospital along with the administration blocks. The systems power lights and appliances such as incubators, suction machines, computers, ventilators and a number of other appliances. View Images...

Please contact CESVI Harare office for confirmation.

RUWA Market Gardening –ADRA

In 2016 the Solar Shack was contracted by ADRA to secure an existing solar water pumping site that had been vandalized. The Solar Shack secured this site by installing palisade fencing with barb wire and also supplied and installed solar security area lighting for the site.

For verification please contact N Fotin ADRA - +263 7778011201

Medicines Sans Frontiers - Glenview PolyClinic

In 2015 the Solar Shack was contracted by MSF to install a solar water pumping system along with all reticulation and chlorinating systems at Glenview polyclinic in Harare. We also built stands using bricks in which the 10000L tanks were erected on. The installed solar water pumping system is pumping water from a head of 40m into pressure tanks that then push the water to the 10000L stands.

For verification please contact Takudzwa MSF +263 772 455202

UNICEF (Pilot for Ministry of Education)

In 2014 the Solar Shack was awarded a contract by UNICEF to carry out a pilot project for installation of Solar Backup systems in 4 Ministry of Education offices. These systems were installed to power computers, printers, lights, internet equipment and refrigeration units. This pilot was a success & the systems are still running in 2016. View Images...

For confirmation please contact UNICEF as we are not permitted to give their numbers.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

In 2013 and 2014 the Solar Shack was awarded 2 separate projects by IOM. The first project was in Bulawayo and was targeted to benefit displaced individuals in the province. We installed 3 off grid systems that are primarily used for a chicken project. These systems were designed to run every night for a total of 10 hours daily. These systems have been running well and have created a number of enquiries for the Solar Shack.

For confirmation please contact IOM as we are not permitted to give their numbers.

Bulawayo Solar Chicken Farming Project

The Solar Shack in May 2014 completed the solar installation of 3 chicken coups in Bulawayo for resettled individuals. This system caters for 12 hour lighting along with outside flood lighting for security for the benefeciariesof the chicken coups.View Images...

Continuously lighting Our Community.

Mvurwi Market Gardening Project by Action 24 (Global Environment Facility)

IN 2014 the Solar Shack installed a solar water pumping system for a market gardening project in Mvurwi. The Solar Shack was awarded this project by Action 24 under the Global Environment Facility. For this project we supplied a Grundfos submersible pump that was pumping from a head of 50meters into a 10000L tank. The water was then used by the beneficiaries mainly for mushroom and vegetable production. The beneficiaries continue to be productive due to the guaranteed water supply they receive from the Grundfos solar water pumping systems.

For verification please contact Action 24 contact Mr A Chemhere: +26377291697

Bulawayo Montgomery Farm – funded by ADRA -2015

In Bulawayo the Solar Shack installed 2 Grundfos solar pumps for a horticultural project at Montgomery Farm. The installed pumps are pumping from depths of 60m and 70m, and were designed to give daily yields of 13 000l and 11 400l respectively. The Solar Shack also supplied and installed 2 x 10000l storage tanks and 2 x 7m tank stands. Plumbing work was also carried out to deliver water from the solar pumps to the tanks and from the storage tanks to the drip equipment.

This project was funded by ADRA and for verification please contact Mrs J Chingono – ADRA Highands Office.

SCOPE Zimbabwe Solar Pump at Women’s University in Zimbabwe -2016

The Solar Shack was contracted by Scope Zimbabwe to install a Grundfos solar water pump. This pump was designed to pump from a head of 5 0meters into overhead tanks. The water in the tanks was then used for gardening purposes at Women’s University in Zimbabwe located in Harare.

For verification please contact Ms Taremeredzwa +263 772 373 096 – Scope Zimbabwe

Gokwe Clinics – Funded by ADRA 2015

In Gokwe the Solar Shack installed 4 x Grundfos solar pumps. These pumps were pumping from depths exceeding 200m and were located in very remote locations. The installation also included supply and erection of 4 x 5000L Tanks with 4 x 4m water stands and tanks along with all the plumbing works. These pumps were mainly installed for remote clinics that were having challenges with water supply from their boreholes due to erratic grid power supply.

For Verification please contact Mr. Kutyauripo +263 712449637 ADRA.

CESVI Happy Smiles Harare 2015

In Harare the Solar Shack was contracted by CESVI to carry out an installation of a Grundfos solar water pump for Happy Smiles located in Harare. The Solar Shack also supplied a 10000l tank with the tank stand. The beneficiaries of this water pumping system are street kids that are housed at Happy Smiles in Harare.

For verification please contact Mr. Mudzimu CESVI +263772413673

SNV Tsonzo, Nyanga 2015

In 2015 the Solar Shack was contracted by SNV to install solar water pumping solutions for beneficiaries in Tsonzo, Nyanga. The installed pump was pumping from a head of 60meters into a 10000l tank that was erected on a tank stand.

Chinhoyi University of Technolgy (CUT) -2016

In 2016 the Solar Shack was contracted by CUT to install a Grundfos submersible solar water pumping system. This system was installed for farming purposes at the university based in Chinhoyi. The installed Grundfos pump is pumping from a head 70m and is currently being used by the farm at the school.

Elizabeth Glazier Paediatric Foundation(EGPAF)

In 2013 the Solar Shack was contracted by EGPAF to install solar off grid solutions for 15 remote clinics spread around Zimbabwe. The solar systems were installed in these clinics to run CD4 machines for HIV patients in these districts.

For verification please contact Mr Magudhu (+263772888134)

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