Solutions: Mains Back Up

Our mains back up solutions give you the option of using our quality inverters in hybrid with ZESA mains power. Your maintenance free batteries linke dto our reliable inverter solutions are charges when ZESA mains power is available. As soon as their is a power failure from the national grid your inverter solution will automatically take over the power load from ZESA and continue to run all your appliances and lights without you having to notice the power failure.

As soon as ZESA grid power returns your inverter will automatically transfer your power load back to ZESA and continue to charge your batteries. The Mains Backup/Inverter Solutions are an ideal solution in areas where ZESA grid power is available. This solution can run without the need for Solar Panels and thus offer a more economical option for the end user.

The Inverter Solutions are ideal for:

  • Residential Use (Lighting, Entertainment, Low-Draw Appliances)
  • Office Use
  • Computers, Servers, Lighting, Low-Draw Appliances
  • Outdoor Use
  • Mains Back Up
  • Mains Back Up